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The Museum of HP Calculators displays and describes Hewlett-Packard calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986 plus a few interesting later models. There are also sections on calculating machines and slide rules as well as sections for buying and selling HP calculators, an HP timeline, collecting information and a software library.

The Main Exhibit Hall

Before HP Calculators (1614-1968)

The First HP Calculators (1968)

  • HP 9100A&B Programmable RPN Calculators with no digital ICs

High End Desktop Series (1971)

The Classics (1972)

  • HP-35 The First Slide Rule Pocket Calculator
  • HP-80 The First Business Calculator
  • HP-45 Slide Rule++
  • HP-65 The First Programmable Handheld
  • HP-70 Inexpensive Business Calculator
  • HP-55 Scientific/Programmable with Quartz Timer

Classic Printing Desktop Calculators (1973)

  • HP-46 Printing Version of the HP-45
  • HP-81 Printing Version of the HP-80
  • HP-46, 56, 66 and HP-9805 Design Studies.

Second Generation Handheld Calculators (1975)

  • HP-10 Handheld Printing Adding Machine
  • HP-21 Second Generation HP-35
  • HP-22 Business Calculator
  • HP-25 Scientific Programmable
  • HP-25C HP-25 with Continuous Memory
  • HP-27 "Do Everything" Model (Sci/Stat/Math/Bus)
  • HP-29C & HP-19C High End Programmables

Second Generation Desktop Calculators (1976)

  • HP-91 Printing Scientific Calculator
  • HP-92 Printing Business/Financial Calculator
  • HP-95C Unreleased Printing Programmable Calculator

Second Generation Mag Card Programmables (1976)

In A Class By Itself (1977)

  • HP-01 The Hewlett-Packard Calculator Watch

Third Generation of HP Calculators (1978)

  • HP-31E Basic Scientific Calculator
  • HP-32E Scientific/Statistical
  • HP-33E/C Scientific Programmable Calculator
  • HP-34C Scientific Prog. with Integration & Solve
  • HP-37E Financial Calculator
  • HP-38E/C Programmable Financial

Small Computers and Computer-like Calculators (1979)

The 10C series: Compact yet Sophisticated Calculators (1981)

  • HP-10C Basic Scientific Programmable Calculator
  • HP-11C More Advanced Scientific Programmable
  • HP-12C Top Selling Business Calculator
  • HP-15C Scientific with Matrix & Complex Math
  • HP-16C The Computer Scientist Calculator

The RPL Family (1986)

  • RPL A Platform for Powerful Calculators
  • HP-18C Business Model with Solver
  • HP-28C/S Scientifics with Symbolic Math and Solver
  • HP-48S/SX Large Screen Scientifics with Symbolic Math

Some Interesting Later Models (1986)

  • HP-27S Algebraic Do Everything Calculator
  • HP-17B Algebraic Business Model
  • HP-22S Algebraic Scientific Calculator
  • HP-32S RPN Scientific with Complex Math
    (Including Anniversary Edition.)
  • HP-42S RPN Scientific (HP-41C compatible)
  • HP-14B (50th Anniversary Edition)
  • The Xpander Unreleased Math Learning Aid
  • HP-67CX Unreleased RPN / HPL / Linux Scientific
  • Other Hewlett Packard Calculators and computers.


Discussion & Guest Areas

  • HP Forum
    (Includes everything from the earliest HPs to the HP Prime, plus the new articles forum, new software forums and classifieds.)

Collecting & Using

Software Libraries

History & Technology

For Sale and Wanted

Other Resources

The Museum of HP Calculators and the museum curator are not affiliated with the Hewlett-Packard Company.

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