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An algebraic scientific/statistics calculator. This model didn't have a four-level history stack but still made the previous result available via the LAST key and a SWAP key allowed the numbers surrounding an operator to be reversed. (eg 5/25 SWAP yielded 25/5.) The calculator had a single line dot matrix display that could display either a menu or a number. Other features included:

Variables Instead of Numbered Registers

The calculator used the 26 lettered variables A-Z rather than numbered registers. While these variables were used in much the same way as numeric registers, they were more than just a relabeling. The lettered variables were not allocated from memory until used and they could be individually deallocated by simply storing 0 in them.

When RCL or STO was pressed, an A..Z annunciator appeared. The letters A-Z were printed to the sides of the keys. All the current variables could be scanned with the VAR command.

Front view (~53K)
Three quarter view (~77K)
Pioneer series rear view (~27K)

HP-22S features

Saturn Architecture

Dimensions and Weight

Price: $60

Introduction-Discontinuation: 1988-1991

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