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The calculator that wouldn't die. The HP-12C is HP's longest and bestselling calculator. Though it has been followed by many newer models, with both more and less features this model continues to sell well. In fact, an EduCALC catalog says of the HP 17BII (in bold type): "It's 15 times faster than the HP 12C, and displays more than 4 times as much information." And of the HP 19BII: "It's 15 times faster than the HP 12C, and displays more than 9 times as much information." In addition, both newer calculators can print via infrared to compact printers, have more memory, general purpose solvers, menus etc.

Why does it continue to sell so well? Here are a few theories:


While low in product number, the HP-12C was high (for its time) in functionality making it a good replacement for the previous high end business model, the HP-38C. In addition, the HP-12C offers:

Picture of HP-12C (~67K)

HP-12C features

Technology and Packaging

Dimensions and Weight

Price at introduction: $150
Current Retail price: $83

Introduced: 1981 and still in production.

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