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Document Set Version 8

This page is meant to coordinate the scanning of the HP Museum Document Set Version 8. The release date is "soon". If you have anything that is missing from the current DVD/CD set and also not listed below, please contact Dave Hicks.

As with Version 7, I am looking for both completely new manuals and higher quality color scans of existing manuals. For new manuals, any scan that is readable is acceptable. For replacement scans, I'm am looking for very high quality images.

Please see this page for information on how to scan and send files. Please contact me before you start to scan so you don't scan the same document that someone else does.
Calculator Manuals
Options and Peripherals
Calculator ROMs
Calculator Software
Quick Reference Guides.
EduCALC Catalogs
Price Lists

    Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.
HP Digests
HP-65 Key Notes
EduCalc Technical Notes
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Items listed below are already promised for Document Version 8:

Calculator Manuals

English Language Manuals:

HP 39g 40g Quick Start guide
HP-42S Owners Manual Edition 7 (Color)
HP-42S Manual Update
HP 48S Manual Update
HP9100 Workbook
HP 9805 User's Guide Pre-production Draft
HP 9000 Series 200 BASIC Condensed Reference
HP 9000 Series 200/300 BASIC Language Reference
HP 9000 Series 200/300 BASIC Programming Techniques
Cord Replacement Instructions for 82002A
Product Registration Form
Replacement Letter

Danish Manuals:

HP-15C Brugerhandbog Og Eksempelsamling (User's Guide) Danish
HP-35 Lommeregnemaskine Brugsanvisning (User's Guide) (Color)

Italian Manuals:

HP12C Italian Users Guide

German Manuals:

HP-32SII Technisch-wissenschaftlicher Taschenrechner benutzerhandbuch
HP 49G Graphischer Taschenrechner Benutzerhandbuch
HP 49G Graphischer Taschenrechner Benutzerhandbuch Fur Fortgeschrittene
HP-86 Bedienungs and BASIC Programmierhandbuch
HP 82160a HP-IL Modul Bedienungshandbuch
HP 82161a Digitalkassettenlaufwerk Bedienungshandbuch

French Manuals

HP-33E C Manuel d'utilisation et de programation French (I scanned this TWICE!!!)
HP-34C Manuel d'utilisation (French)
HP-34C Applications Standard
HP-41CX Aide-memoire Color (French QRG)
HP-41CX Supplement Color (French Manual Supplement)
HP-41C Bibliotheque Mathematiques (Math Pac French)
HP42S Manuel d'utilisation

Portuguese Manuals

HP-10C Manual do Proprietário (Owner's manual)
HP-38E Manual Do Proprietario E Guia De Programacao Portuguese

Spanish Manuals

HP-25 Programacion Aplicada
HP-41C Guia de Consulta Rapida.
HP-42s Manual de Propietario
HP-67 Manual del Usuario y Guia de Programacion

Finnish Manuals

HP-35 Finnish Manual Color
HP-35 Misc Papers Finnish Color

Options and Peripherals

HP 82165A 82166A HP-IL GPIO Manual Supliment
HP 82905A Printer Owners Manual
HP 82905B Printer Owners Manual
HP 82906A Printer Owners Manual
HP 9820 Peripheral Control II (11224A)
HP Interface Bus users guide  9820 9821
HP 82725A Bar Code Reader Module Color

Calculator ROMs

HP Solve Manual Update 1
Series 80 Matrix ROM Color
HP 9835 45 Asynchronous Data Comm
HP 9835 System 35 Plotter ROM Programming

Calculator Software

HP-12C Leasing Applications Handbook
HP-12C Real Estate Applications Handbook
HP-12C Solutions Handbook
HP-34C Surveying Applications
HP-41C User's Library Applied Statistics I (User's Library )
HP-41C User's Library Applied Statistics II (User's Library )
HP-41 Solar Engineering Library Solutions (User's Library )
HP-41C Standard Applications (Color)
HP-41 Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning Library Solutions
HP-41C Home Management Pac
HP-41 Structural Design (User's Library) (Poor Image Quality)
HP-65 Medical Pac 1 Manual & cards
HP 65 Program Forms
HP-67/97 Marketing/Sales (User's Library)
HP-67 Standard Pac (Color)
HP 41 71 75 Users Library May 86 (catalog)
75 Data Communications Pac Owners Manual
HP-75 Math II (Users' Library Solutions)
HP-75 Math III (Users' Library Solutions)
HP-75 Test Statistics (Users' Library Solutions)
HP-75 Electronics (Users' Library Solutions)
HP-75 Games II (Users' Library Solutions)
HP-75 Mass Media Duplication & Privacy (Users' Library Solutions)
HP 9805 Applications Pre-production Draft
HP 9820 Program Forms
HP 9865A File Information Forms

Quick Reference Guides.

HP42S Quick Reference Guide
HP-71 Quick Reference Guide
HP-75 Text Formatter Quick Reference Card (Improved Scan)
HP-75 Data Communication Pac Quick Reference Card (Color)

HP Digests

HP-65 Key Notes

EduCALC Catalogs

Volume 15
Volume 59


10 Years of Innovation Calendar
Extended Protection Plan
HP Calculators for Business and Finance
HP Problem Solvers that Have No Match HP-28S HP-41 (1987)
HP's proud new family of Quality Calculators
HP-01 And it also tells the Time (English)
HP-01 Et en plus il donne l'heure! (French)
Serie 10 Professionelle lommeregnere
Accesorios para Calculadoras
Calculadoras Cientificas Hewlett-Packard
Calculadoras Cientificas y de Ingenieria
Calculadoras de Bolsillo
Calculadoras Financieras y Comerciales
Calculadoras para la Ciencia Negocios e Ingenieria
Calculadoras Profesionales - Ordenadores de Bolsillo
Calculladoras Cientificas
HP Calculadoras Personales
HP-01 El Increible
HP-10 Todas las Caracteristicas
HP 19B, 17B, 27S, 28S Accessories and Applications
HP-19C_HP-29C Ambas con memoria permanente
HP-21 El nuevo
HP-22 folleto
HP-25 Ahora
HP-25C folleto
HP-27 folleto
HP-27 Pruebela!
HP-28S Calculadora Cientifica Avanzada
HP-31E_32E_33E Tres Nuevas Calculadoras
HP-35 Calculadora Cientifica de Bolsillo
HP-35 Datos Tecnicos
HP-35 Una Computadora en su Bolsillo
HP-35 Accessories - Danish
HP-35 Accuracy Analysis
HP-41 Ordenador de Bolsillo
HP-41 & HP-75 Danske programmer og tilbehør ("HP-41 & HP-75 Danish Programs and Accessories" 16 pages) MISSING!!!
HP-41C El primer Sistema de Calculo Personal
HP-41C Sistema Personal de Calculo Spanish Brochure
HP-41C Un nuevo Concepto
HP-41C_CV El primer Sistema de Calculo Personal
HP-41C_CV Programas y Accesorios
HP-45 Calculadora de Bolsillo Avanzada
HP 48 Catalog of Independently Developed Products 1995 dec
HP 48 Catalog of Independently Developed Products 1995 march
HP-55 Calculador Cientifico de Bolsillo
HP-67-97 Soporte Completo de Software
HP-67_97 La Nueva Calculadora de Bolsillo
Serie 70 Personlig Data Behandling ("Series 70 Pesonal Computing". 16 pages)
HP-71 Una Genialidad Portatil en Basic
HP-75D Technical Product Guide
HP-75 Software & Acessories 8.82 (4 pages)
Der druckende Tashchenrechner HP-10 german
Die Perfecktion Taschenrechner von HP 3 german
Die Perfecktion Taschenrechner von HP 2 german
Die Perfecktion Taschenrechner von HP 1 german
Funf NEUE Taschenrechner german
HPIL Die neue Dimension fur Ihren Taschencomputer german
Prices And Delivery Times German
HP Taschen-und Kleinrechner german
HP-11C 10 Orientierungspunkte fur vielbeschaftigte german
HP31E32E33E Drei Neue technisch-wissenschaftliche german
32 33 34 fur Studenten und Berufsanfanger german
37E und 38E Finanzmathematische...Computer-Zeilalter german
41C Das erste flexible, erweiterungsfahige german
HP55 Fest verdrahtete Funktionen, Daten-Speicherregister
HP6797 Der voll programmierbare Computer im german
HP9825A Uber 1000 Programme im User's Club german
Tischrechner 9825 Technische Daten Beschreibung german
HP9831A English Language German Brochure
HP 98032 33 34 Interface Cards English Language German
HP98210A 98211 98212 98213 98214 ROMS German
Der HP-25 vereinigt Leistungsfahigkeit und Programmier-barkeit
HP Calculators Accessories & Applications 03.90 ( 8 pages)
HP Calculators for Business and Finance
HP Calculators for Science and Engineering
HP Handheld Products Accessory Guide july 1995
HP Software Accessories 11.81 (20 pages)
Series 70 Technical Product Guide
HP-75C battery powered portable computer brochure
HP-75 Data Communications Pac Data Sheet
HP 9805 Statistics Calculator Brochure
HP 9815A Surveying Calculator Brochure
Insert Advertisement for HP 48G AUR
Serie 70 Personlig Data Behandling
Serie 70 Transportable computere brochure Danish
Software and Accessories for the HP 48 Family April 1992
Software and Accessories for the HP 48SX April 1991
La Perfeccion_1
La Perfeccion_2
Professionelle Lommeregnere. Professionelle Lommecomputere - Danish
Ordenadores Personales - Business Consultant
Soluciones sin igual a los problemas
9 additional German Brochures from Andreas Ihlenfeld - names TBD.
HP-41 og HP-75 Danske programmer og tilbehor

Price Lists.

Series 10, 40, 70 Price List. June 1983 English (8 pages) (Need to rationalize these names)
1983.01.01 Serie 70 prisliste Danish (2 pages)
1983.02.01 Elektronregnere Prisliste Polyteknisk Boghandel Danish (2 pages)
1983.03.15 HP-75 Prisliste Polyteknisk Boghandel Danish (1 page)
1984.02.01 Elektronregnere Prisliste Polyteknisk Boghandel Danish (2 pages)
1984.02.01 HP-75 Prisliste Polyteknisk Boghandel Danish (2 pages)
1984.02.01 Serie 70 prisliste Danish (2 pages)
HP 9805 Price List

Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.

HP 9885M S Flexible Disk Drive Service Manual
Models 46 81 and 9805 Repair Manual Probably Incomplete
Series 40 Sales Guide
HP 9805 Marketing Strategy
82143A Printer Service Manual
Card Reader Service Manual
HP-41C Schematic
HP-41C CV CX Service Manual  1983 version Improved Scan
HPIL Component Data Sheet
HPIL Integrated Circuit
HPIL Reference Specification
Timer Chip Notes
HP 82153A Wand Service Manual
Algorithms and accuracy in the hp35
HP 95LX Developer's Guide
Data Storage Circuit 1820-0993 for Use with HP-35 Processor Draft
IO and Binary Proc Chip 1820-0994 Draft
L-9702 (9805) Instruction Set pre-production w handwritten notes
Supplement to 35 Instruction set pre-production / handwritten

HP Journal Articles

HP 38G Creating applets June 1996
HP 38G June 1996
HP 65: May 74 color and longer than previous

EduCALC Technical Notes

Volume 59: 1993

Books (not published by HP)

Micronix HP-IL Video Interface Users Manual
NASA CSM Rendezvous Book 1 (Apollo - Soyuz, HP-65)
NASA CSM Rendezvous Book 2 (Apollo - Soyuz, HP-65)
Nasa Roundup 75-08-01 (Mentions HP calculators)
HP-41C Traverse, Inverse and Sideshots A point Storage Conversion D'zign
HP-42S EDM Slope Staking D'Zign
W&W Assembler handbuch HP-75

User's Library Programs

When uploading User's Library Files please send file names formatted like:

UL-Number Title_page-number.tif (UL-number is usually stamped in the upper left corner.) eg:

00556C Polynomial Regression_01.tif
00556C Polynomial Regression_02.tif

If you have a program without a number, please use Cat Number (eg: Cat 510 Satellites_01.tif) in place of the stamped UL number if you have one. If your operating system doesn't like space, you may use underscores "_" in place of the spaces.

This will help me in keeping these files straight. Thank you!

User's Library Programs sorted by number
(programs with no number are listed at the end.)
(I will add names to the files which only have numbers and update this page as time permits.)
New to Version 8, many UL programs also come in the form of bin/raw/txt files.
Look in the directory data/cd28/ulprogs

00361C - Wizard of Pinball - comare to two similars
00900C - The Caves  - new I think!!!!! 
00903C - Reversi Alternate Version
00961C - Biorythms
01768C - Superelevation
01977C - Baseball Fever
02211C - Road Grade
02578 - Saturation pH
99956 - Patterns
99962 - Star Trek
0655C - Space War Interactive
Rock RipRap Gradation for Stream Channel Stabilization
Dimensions for an RCB This program is from NOAA Geodetic Inverse

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HP Forum Archive  19
HP Forum Archive  20
HP Forum Archive  21
Old HP Articles Forum
Old HP Memories Forum


The following people have contributed/promised manual scans:

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