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Tell me about the HP 67
12-04-2019, 06:56 AM
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RE: Tell me about the HP 67
(12-04-2019 12:58 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  Indirectly I've been reminded of the reasons for placing the labels below the keys:
  • In the beginning there were just consistency reasons - if you put one shifted function on one side of a key then put all of them at the same side. And the slanted fronts of the keys were exactly this: slanted fronts. So the h-shifted labels determined the location of the f- and g-shifted ones.
  • Then there were space reasons - if you put labels below and above a key then they will interfere with the labels of next row of keys.
  • And eventually there were the four hotkeys which had their default labels printed above them - a similar situation like on the hp67.
  • Walter liked it. Wink


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