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HP 9810A issues
11-17-2017, 02:11 PM
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HP 9810A issues

Last week I became a HP9810A.

Configuration is as follows:

001 "111 Total Storage Registers"
003 "2036 Total Program Steps"
004 "Printer"

The machine was quite dirty but functional except for distorted printer platen and card reader rollers. I removed the printer platen and feed rollers and sent them in to a company who can refurbish rubber platens.

In order not to forget how to reassemble printer and card reader until the platen and rollers come back from the factory I put everything together and powered the calc back on.

Unfortunately the calc is no longer working as it should. It behaves as follows:

After power-on the display shows "0.000000000.00" on all three lines and Statuts, Float and Run LED’s are lit. The keyboard is not reacting to any input with the exception of when I press "End". The display shows:

I removed the printer and card reader PCB's, the ROM Packages (Mathematics, Printer Alpha and Peripheral Control II) and top most PCB of the memory package. This does not help further. Still the same?

In went thru Tony Duell’s repair guide but since I'm not familiar with logic circuits (I repair IBM Selectrics, MagCard- and Memory Typewriters and other office machinery) I guess I'm not able to find the fault...

Does anyone here could give me a hint how to look first or have ever experienced the same issue? Is there probably someone – preferably in Europe (I’m in Switzerland) - who could repair the machine?

Any reply is highly appreciated…

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