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Update of Emu71 to v1.09
09-19-2017, 08:48 PM
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Update of Emu71 to v1.09
After several month of intensive work especially in spring Emu71/Win v1.09 is available at

Whats new:
  • improved KML keyword "Scale", can also upscale the background image now
  • added KML keywords "Opaque" and "Icon"
  • better emulation of bus arbitration when two or more modules share the same address space
  • improved HPIL module simulation

The improvements of the HPIL module simulation in detail:
  • added some standard HP71B device capabilities answering data (SDA), status (SST), accessory ID (SAI) or device ID (SDI) frames
  • added Interface Clear (IFC) frame support, a CONTROL ON on the master HP71B force all attached HP71B, even if they are in controller mode, into device mode
  • added file transfers as device from and to the loop
  • added remote control
  • added support of HPIL interrupts/events
  • added HPIL request feature

The module simulation is still not complete, so some parts will still not work. Just to remember, the major goal of this HPIL module simulation is not the exact simulation of the real module, it only should provide the necessary functions to access display, printer and mass storage devices as controller and now some basic functions like file transfers as HP71B device.

Because of the improvements at the HPIL module, the emulator .e71 state file format changed. State files from Emu71 v1.08 and earlier are converted automatically to the new state file format. But in consequence files saved in the v1.09 file format cannot be load with v1.08 or earlier. The difference is in saving the HPIL module state. So when you have the need to reuse a state file saved with v1.09, just load this state file with v1.09 and remove the HPIL modules from the Port Configuration and then save the emulator file again. At the next step load this state file without the HPIL module data in v1.08 or earlier and re-add the HPIL module to the Port Configuration.

A complete list of bugfixes and changes is available here.

With this Emu71 update I completed the implementation of new KML script commands in my emulators. So it's time for a new release of the KML 2.0 script document.
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09-24-2017, 08:07 AM
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RE: Update of Emu71 to v1.09
Thanks again for these new improvements of the HP-IL simulation accuracy!

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