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(35S) Complex conjugate, real and imaginary parts
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(35S) Complex conjugate, real and imaginary parts
Some basic complex functions are missing on the HP35s.
Among them, the conjugate, and the extraction of the real and imaginary parts.

I use the following formulas to fix the issue:

z.z* = |z|²
z+z* = 2.Re(z)
z-z* = 2.i.Im(z)
r.exp(i.theta) = r.cos(theta) + i.r.sin(theta)

Before running one of the following programs, a complex value must be in the stack (REGX):
    - Conj(x): XEQ N ___________(the +/- key)
    - Re(x) and Im(x): XEQ G ____(the key with the complex i)
After XEQ G call, the stack will contain:
Y: Re(x)
X: Im(x)

The programs preserve the variables of the calculator.
The stack is preserved too.
LASTx is set with the right previous value before running the programs. (I use the following tip: ABS followed by CLx)

Code for Conjugate(x)


N001 LBL N
N002 ABS
N003 CLx
N004 SQ(ABS(LASTx))/LASTx    CK=53A7 LN=20
N005 RTN

CK=B96B LN=35

Code for Re(x) and Im(x)


G001 LBL G
G002 ABS(REGX)*COS(ARG(REGX+i0))    CK=A195 LN=27
G003 x<>y
G004 ABS
G005 CLx
G006 ABS(LASTx)*SIN(ARG(LASTx+i0))    CK=2C04 LN=29
G007 RTN

CK=C010 LN=77
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