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newRPL: Windows demo updated [01-17-2016]
01-18-2016, 04:00 AM
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newRPL: Windows demo updated [01-17-2016]
Finally, the "desktop" version of newRPL has been updated in the sourceforge website (Windows 32 bits, works also on 64-bit systems).
No longer a console application, the demo shows the interface identical to that seen on the calculator.
Also, it allows to save and open sessions (only directories are saved, not the stack).

The keys are in the obvious places except:

Alpha = TAB
Left shift = Caps Lock
Right Shift = Ctrl

The installer was only tested on one machine, so I hope it works, please report any problems.
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01-22-2016, 01:02 AM (This post was last modified: 01-22-2016 01:18 AM by compsystems.)
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RE: newRPL: Windows demo updated [01-17-2016]
... download

... testing, please add a menu of information your project page (file/about), a simple keyboard and a way to create custom keyboards, similar to KML Emu48
Thank you

Another RPN, RPL project

[Image: prpn-screenshot.png]

[Image: prpn-hp28s-windows.gif]

[Image: prpn-screenshot-linux.gif]
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