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Help with Base / Base conversion
06-07-2014, 10:04 PM
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Help with Base / Base conversion

I would like to ask for help with the base things. I am not sure if there were changes in the latest patch or if I just did not notice what puzzles me right now.

Here we go:
I am in home mode, rpn entry.

The system can be set to an integer base (say hex) so #123 is the short form for #123h. As in the 48 series, right?
Then in the prie we got the dialog based conversion window I don't understand atm.

Here are some questions:
The Stack is empty, no entry on the entry line. I press shift+'-', so # is added to entry. Pressing shift+'-' again opens zu dialog. That seems to be wanted in my eyes. I can now enter any number wich is interpreted as Sytem base format.
Q: To have my entry in a different format I need to change the global integer setting? It can't be done in the dialog? That would be helpful considering we have a complex entry mask.

The Stack is empty, no entry on the entry line. I press shift+'-', so # is added to entry. Now I clear the entry with on. Pressing shift+'-' again open the dialog althogh nothing is in the entry line and I would expect to start again with '#'. Thinking of a state machine like handling.

The Stack is empty. I enter 123. no return yet. Pressing shift+'-' opens the dialog. I would have expected to see 123 as an initialized value, but nothing is there. I enter 4. And finish the dialog with ok what results in 123#4h in th entry line. That seems weird to me. I would have expected to initialize the dialog with 123.

The Stack is emtpy. I enter #55. ENTER. So that the value is pushed on the stack. shift+'-' then picks the integer for initializatino on the dialog.

That has something to do with differentiating the entry line and stack 0. Treating the entry Line as Stack 0 or x-reg if you want would be a great improvement and a first step into improved rpn mode don't you think?

I did not play with cas - do you have information if base manipulation is integrated in the cas meanwhile?

Thank you
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