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(41CV) Agricultural Development Projects
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(41CV) Agricultural Development Projects
An extract from Using data processing tools for preparing agricultural development projects, FAO Investment Centre Technical Paper 2, 1985, 330 pages (cover to cover)

A. General Outline
     In most developing countries, governments feel the need to improve the situation through a number of specific actions. These usually start with the formulation of a group of proposals, followed by the study of the means necessary to implement them, and the evaluation of results expected. Once such a programme has taken shape, it becomes what is usually known as a "project" …
     The preparation of such project documents for economic and financial evaluation requires that the project be represented by quantitative models on which analysis will be made. Experience shows that the preparation of the models presents many difficulties from the point of view of methodology, data availability, and the burden of making the calculations. The use of computing tools makes the work easier and improves its quality.
B. Working Background
     The object of this report is to present the results of instrumental research carried out by the author as part of his professional activities as a project analyst at the Investment Centre of FAO …
     … activities consist of the … preparation of reports to assist developing countries desirous of implementing agricultural development projects, and … to prepare documents which will serve as a basis for decisions on financing.
     … part of the work involves the preparation of quantitative models and the making of a number of calculations. These calculations are still frequently done entirely by hand. The computing tools presented here - some of which have been developed by the author - have the double objective of offering the analyst an improved methodological framework for his work, and freeing him from the burden of
calculations …
C. Summary of Contents
     Chapter II introduces the methodology for preparing agricultural projects …
     Chapter III explains the necessity for data processing tools …
     Chapter IV describes in detail the results of the instrumental research …
     Chapter V gives concrete information on the implementation of programmes …
     Chapter VI presents, in conclusion, examples of actual use of the programmes, with illustrations …
     Finally, there are annexes consisting of documentation on some of the programmes …

1. Specifications of Computer Systems Used
2. MANIP - User's Guide
3. Four Programmes for HP 41 CV Calculator
4. An Example of MANIP Utilization

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