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[Survey] HP users around the world
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RE: [Survey] HP users around the world
(02-03-2018 12:53 AM)vk6ti Wrote:  I went on a porcini hunting and eating frenzy in Sicily last year. I had real difficulty in understanding this dialect. When in full flight conversation I don,t think a modern Italian native could understand it.
hi Ray,
Actually Sicilian is southern (meridional) dialect, so it is similar to dialects spoken in Calabria, Puglia, Campania and many of Italian people can understand it. It remained more similar to the latin than the modern Italian, besides, as I wrote, in it Latin is mixed to words in (ancient) Greek Arabic, French, Spanish, Catalan, due to the various dominations in the island: Greek and Bizantine, Arabs, Normand, Spaniards and Catalans... but nowadays is more and more "italianized".
(02-03-2018 12:53 AM)vk6ti Wrote:  However it interests me that all on TV and radio is in "Italian", but they can only speak dialect
I live in South Est (Ragusa and Siracusa) and work also in Catania and Palermo. Where I live and work we speak Italian all day, Sicilian only in family and with old friends, or we mix the two languages, but Italian is prevalent.

(02-03-2018 01:56 AM)mfleming Wrote:  If you ever have the chance, you should converse with a Cajun in Louisiana. Cajuns (Acadians) were from New France relocated to Louisiana, a French colony. The State is divided into French parishes, not English counties and until recently had a legal system based on the Napoleonic Code. Not from there myself, but I spent some time there. BTW, only Yankees say N'awlins. More like Nah-AwwwLenz. Had a French manager who immediately corrected my pronunciation Smile
hi Mark,
thanks for that example. There are always a lot or things to know about the language in the world...

(02-03-2018 01:56 AM)mfleming Wrote:  "The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language." -- attributed to George Bernard Shaw
but reading A tramp abroad (M. Twain): «There was as Englishman in our compartment, and he complimented me on --on what? But you would never guess. He complimented me on my English. He said Americans in general did not speak the English language as correctly as I did. I said I was obliged to him for his compliment, since I knew he meant it for one, but that I was not fairly entitled to it, for I did not speak English at all--I only spoke American.»
(02-03-2018 01:56 AM)mfleming Wrote:  "Americans and British are one people separated only by a common language." -- attributed to Winston Churchill

Neither of these quotes can be verified, but they are often repeated as such because they are so truthful Smile
Indeed, those quotes are common, but never verified. But there is a part of truth in those. The American English, after the separation from England, followed its way, with different develop of form and pronunciation...
(02-03-2018 01:56 AM)mfleming Wrote:  I think we're in spat mode again. Perhaps they'll stop by and burn down our capital again? Couldn't hurt...

Maybe Smile


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