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[Survey] HP users around the world
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RE: [Survey] HP users around the world
(02-02-2018 08:41 PM)badaze Wrote:  Quebecois is the French spoken in Canada’s Quebec province by nearly 8 million people. There are other forms of French in Canada in New Brunswick. Because of the British victory in 1763, for nearly 2 centuries Quebecois evolved differently and independantly from the France French. As a result the spoken language is quite different from standard French. Different words, common words with different meanings, different anglicism. On some aspects, it looks like old French.
But written Quebecois is French.
Very interesting!
Since many years I have spoke often with Canadian OM (radio amateurs), like also with French ones, in English or French and never I supposed that difference with the French... So, it is like American vs English evolution, I suppose...
Or also like a form of French "patois" (I know this is very particularly related to France however) Smile
(02-02-2018 08:41 PM)badaze Wrote:  The accent is also very different. As (we in France) are not used to ear it it is difficult to understand. Interviewed people are often subtitlted ! But strangely, on the radio or television it is very intellegible. Before I went to Quebec for vacation ten years ago, in my whole lifetime I met only 3 Quebecois (2 of them in Rome !). This to say we don’t have a close relationship. By the way, they don’t like French people. But who do ? Smile

My friend, here, is a man that lived in Canada and he prefers to speak English (not French) but he likes much French people (especially women, hi)...
But why they shouldn't like French people? Smile

That linguistic evolution has not paragons with Italian language: apart from very few terms, Swiss people that speak Italian understands our language and we understand their. *

Mark Twain said that an American and an Englishman speak the same language but they don't understand reciprocally. I would hope a Canadian and a Frenchman would like at least try to understand reciprocally...


* when we speak Italian. Not when we, inside Italy, speak various dialects: often we cannot understand also amidst Italian fellows. Sicilian or Sardo or Friulan are in many parts so different of Milanese or Toscano. We have sure too many dialects, however lesser and lesser spoken among young people...

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