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[Survey] HP users around the world
01-17-2018, 11:14 AM
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RE: [Survey] HP users around the world
(01-17-2018 10:48 AM)TheKaneB Wrote:  I do know a fair bit of Latin, 5 years study at school + some more on my own, but I will only consider regular spoken languages for this survey, because it's strictly related to materials found on the internet about the HP calculators (I don't expect to find articles in ancient Hebrew anytime soon!) Big Grin

Then also Fruilan can go? I mean, not from the posts. The more the data the better, but from the first list. I'd wage it is more likely that someone on a whim writes something calculator related in Latin rather than Fruilan.

I studied latin as well, but claiming to be able to use it would be a bold claim, so I completely forgot it.

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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