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Why do calculator manufactures like to reinvent the wheel?
03-11-2014, 05:20 PM
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RE: Why do calculator manufactures like to reinvent the wheel?
(03-11-2014 10:15 AM)HP67 Wrote:  Above you just said BlackBerry died because it had keys but now you seem to be saying some people must have keys for efficiency. Therefore, the demise of BlackBerry is because of efficiency? Perhaps I agree with your conclusion, but not for the same reasons as you Wink

No, what I'm saying is there will always be some in each camp. One camp likes the keys because of efficiency, the other side detests the keys (even if it means more efficiency) in favor of thin, sleeker looking devices (that may not necessarily be better spec-wise). The only thing that will change is the relative size of each camp. It's pretty much the same with Windows 8 -- some folks really dig the touchscreen interface, whereas a large number of folks couldn't care less for the gimmicky touchscreen interface when they're still using non-touchscreens, a keyboard, and mouse.

As for the earlier comments along the lines of "why not implement an already known or popular language like C/C++/Phython/etc" -- none of those languages are suited for the intended market: students and education. The folks who would benefit from having, say, Python be the default language are folks who have already had training in said language (and hence are likely not a student or instructor). To teach programming, you would need a language as close to pseudo-code as possible without having to muck around with all the nuances of the more popular languages.

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