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Why do calculator manufactures like to reinvent the wheel?
03-11-2014, 02:22 PM (This post was last modified: 03-11-2014 02:40 PM by Angus.)
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RE: Why do calculator manufactures like to reinvent the wheel?
Wouldn't it be better if HP also kept an eye on people like me and not solely the education market? I mean if the educational market is not a reliable one and about to switch over to tablets any time you would try to satisfy other customers aswell.

The prime in general is a very powerful and potent device just partially ill-conveiced. (I remember I was once explained I didn't get the idea of having two parsers who act independently of eachother. What I still don't get because they are linked at a certain level. e.g. interchangable commands which are not compatible in detail. I have the feeling there are problems with fully integrating the xcas into core routines )
HP just needs to bother a little more about details and quality.

I don't need a super complicated calculator - easy to use, yet powerful is all I need.

BUT the concerns with firmware update, even unimportant aspects like the flicker, unwanted capitalized letters and many other things could be easily avoided and I am sure that HP was aware of these prior their launch. Hopefully these were known issues to be more precise....
That's the whole point.

Edit: When thinking of the education market - I think there are many teachers out there who also care about pretended vanities but need to be convinced to switch over to HP instead of, say TI.....
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