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Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
07-23-2017, 12:59 AM
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RE: Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
Hello Angel,

I am back to studying the Warp_Core module and I am seeing strange things.

I am using a 41CL v4 updated to 2017-06-28 & setup is:
Page:4 Bank:0 -> 0x120  LIBRARY4  4LIB  --  Library-4                      0xBF465233  05/16/17
Page:9 Bank:0 -> 0x1B8  WARPB1    WARP  21  Warp-core ROM, bnk 1           0xB236C2B7  05/21/17
Page:9 Bank:1 -> 0x1B9  WARPB2    WARP  21  Warp-core ROM, bnk 2           0x8ED85B52  05/22/17
Page:F Bank:0 -> 0x00A  YFNX-2C   YFNX  15  41CL Extreme Functions -2C     0x99BDA28B  06/19/17

First if I try to execute "Y<>" ST Z directly while the stack contains: X=5, Y=6, Z=7 & T=8 the result I have is X=5, Y=NNN, Z=6 & T=8 (NNN = Not Normalized Number or something similar to)
My first reaction would be to think that I have a mismatched LIB4 but all rom images came with the and the dates match. so I assume that they are compatible.

Then if I try to call the "Y<>" function from XEQ"function
[XEQ"] display {XEQ" A:Z} press [Y] display {XEQ" YRES} press [SST] display {XEQ" Y<>} press [XEQ] display {NONEXISTENT} (same things for all WARP functions)
This seems like XEQ" is executing code from page 9 bank 1 and trying to call something in page 9 bank 0 without going to bank 0 before doing the call.

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