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Full Version: Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
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A few years ago Mike (St) and more recently Michael Fehlhammer suggested some usability enhancements for the 41 platform that back then were out of reach for my skills. One was an option to repeat the last function used (or several), and the other was an auto-complete functionality to assist spelling the function names on-the-fly - for ALPHA inputs.

The LASTF implementation took care of the first request, at least for those functions called via the dedicated function launchers in the different modules. This was also how I got around to include sub-functions, which cannot be assigned to keys but that's another story.

But the auto-complete stuff remained like a great idea not easily tractable... until now that is. I'm glad to report it's been finally cracked, at least in a decent enough implementation that covers for most of the practical uses for it.

The function XEQ+ starts a new mode by prompting for an initial character letter or number, A-Z, a-e, 0-9. Then it presents all functions currently available in the bus that begin with that letter - commencing the search in page#3 up until page#F. The list can be done manually (SST) or continuous (R/S), and several navigation keys are included: jump page, back-up page, next function, previous function, next letter, previous letter. Once you've locked up your target function simply press XEQ to execute it, or ASN to assign it to the key of your choice.

The operation will also add the executed function automatically to the enhanced LASTF facility, which now will hold up to five entries. Two new functions allow the user to review and execute these, plus a manual mode to enter functions into the list if so desired.

This is going into the Dare2Compare Module - in turn a vastly enhanced version of the original "Total_Rekall" - becoming one of the most advanced modules there is - and a fixture in my setup together with the Classic OS/X ...

Soon at a TOS near you, working on the manual as I speak...

Another great achievement, Angel!
Hi Angel


Many thanks for your big effort. This is a great enhancement for a HP41 calculator!

Hope I can use your module soon on my 41.

Thank you very much Ángel, once more, this is a great addition to the 41.
Simply great, Angel!!
Cool stuff Angel, thanks. Like OS/X and Total Rekall, general-purpose ROMs that make overall 41 operation easier, more efficient and/or more interesting find a permanent home in my machines. Looking forward to it.

Here's the MOD file for "early access" users - do report issues if you find them.

Trying to use it without the manual is an acid test for the intuitiveness of the design... will be interesting to hear if you stumbled or if it took you a while to figure it out.

Don't miss the Easter eggs ;-)
Manual is done and submitted to the "distribution channels- thanks to them for hosting the files.

For those of you who downloaded the previous version - there was a glitch in the setup, pls. discard it and us the attached instead.
Hi Angel,
Having just finished reading your QRF-PDF, I must say this is an absolute triumph for hp41 users. If only these functions were available so many years ago.

Having mCode programming in mind, I must ask, will there be an update to the Total-Rekall V2 Blueprint in the works, one that includes the Dare2Compare programming?

Further, if you feel that you have run-out of suitable program matter to do, how about an 'mCode Advanced Programmers' book? One that adds to the old selection on mCode with your (& others) latest how/to techniques & tips.

Thanks again, DA
(05-04-2017 01:20 AM)derekamos Wrote: [ -> ]Further, if you feel that you have run-out of suitable program matter to do, how about [...]

He still has to do a text editor that's vastly improved over that of the 41cx, and expand the string manipulation and HPIL I/O. Big Grin Big Grin
Wouldn't the 41' Text Editor always fall short, it seems to me it could only be of a 'Notepad' style, even simpler than those found on smartphones nowadays.
(05-04-2017 03:48 AM)derekamos Wrote: [ -> ]Garth,
Wouldn't the 41' Text Editor always fall short, it seems to me it could only be of a 'Notepad' style, even simpler than those found on smartphones nowadays.

We have learned to expect miracles from Ángel. Big Grin
Glad you find the new additions worthwhile Derek, this MCODE stuff is as elusive as it gets, I always realize I have forgotten half of what I knew every time I take on a new project - and need to hack my previous code to re-acquaint myself with it... signs of an aging brain no doubt.

A how-to or book of tricks will work for me as well, but I've never thought the interest was there. Say, the blueprint is of course available - send me a PM with your email address.

Garth, good try but not sure what can anyone do to improve the CX_ED - and besides back in the day there were FOCAL-based enhancements a-plenty for that purpose. At the end of the day you have this little keypad with a limited LCD capability, not very versatile - considering that, I always thought ED was great for the task.

And the HP-IL stuff I won't touch it with a 12-foot pole, my knowledge has no beginning when it comes to that field... so better leave it to the experts. Also the IL-DEVEL has pretty much all I ever needed, right? Sorry but no more miracles in sight !

PS. The DTC module is attached here again - a small glitch in the zero-comparison function set was making the IND and ST arguments not being accessible. Now you can enter instructions like ?0>= IND ST M - as you always dreamt it was possible ;-)
Thanks a lot for your latest pearl, Angel!
I'd like to second derekamos' request for a advanced mcode programmer's handbook!
A collection of tips and tricks in one place ( about page switching, subfunctions, buffer management, programming of peripherals (LCD, beeper etc. ), advanced use of keyboard etc etc ) would be so great. It certainly would lower the barrier for others to reenter the field of mcode programming considerably. Then you might not feel so alone. :-)
(05-08-2017 12:52 PM)Michael Fehlhammer Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to second derekamos' request for a advanced mcode programmer's handbook!

Although not instructional, more reference data, definitely check out Poul Kaarup's Excellent HP-41 Programmer's Handbook. Go to TOS, and search for "MCODE Programming Reference".

This handbook includes FOCAL, Synthetics and MCODE, and is an amazingly rich and detailed resource for any kind of '41 programmer. It initially reminded me of Jeremy Smith's '41 pocket guide from the mid 80's, but has MUCH more and updated information and details.

Check it out!
So I'm off the hook, great! ;-)
Thank you for the hint, Bob!
I didn't know about it. I just have downloaded it, it looks pretty nice and really helpful!
Stop, Angel, we won't let you get away that cheap!
(05-08-2017 03:00 PM)Ángel Martin Wrote: [ -> ]So I'm off the hook, great! ;-)

Aha, so you're quite good at evasive tactics as well as MCODE-ing. A multi-talented man, as all know... Wink
As much as I also think it's conceptually a good idea I'm not so sure that at this point in time it'll be worthwhile for a couple of reasons:

1. MCODE is elusive and requires rolling up your sleeves to get into it. Not the basics of course, but when you get into the OS routines and other tricky areas (did I mention the LCD yet? don't get me going...) the explanations required to make it transparent aren't trivial (to me at least). Ken Emery's "MCODE for Beginners" will get you going quite nicely to this point if you're willing to spend hours looking into minutia details that can break your code any time.

2. The "advanced" areas I may have modestly started are probably not interesting to others. You see MCODE is rather a personal approach, where each programmer does things in different ways. So the sub-functions, LASTFunction, Auxiliary FAT, auto-complete, shadow stack buffer for UNDO, etc. are fine if you like the ideas, but most people won't even get into them anway.

3. Most of the world has moved on to greener pastures, so it sounds like a large effort for very small returns - if any at all. Those folks inclined to delve into it already have, using the blueprints and the source code "sheets" - which again won't work for everybody since they aren't the best development environment to say the least.

4. Lastly, there are other folks with a much more solid grasp on 41 MCODE out there who remain still active that can do a better job. To name a few: Mark Power, Håkan Thörngren, Greg McClure - programmers by trade as opposed to aficionados like me.

My famous last words, as they say.

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