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Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
05-12-2017, 06:41 PM
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RE: Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
The details are in the source code. Luckily we have a decent amount of that for the HP-41, though not everything.

If you want to do get into MCODE programming, start with the Ken Emery's book, it is good. After that you need to read the source code, there is no way around it (an advanced book would not save you from it). You will learn a lot from studying the VASM listings, it is a very well written code base. Add the internal hardware documentation and various other documents and you should be able to find most (if not all) of what you are looking for.

Lack of books and tools did not stop people in the past. Later we got the book, and today we have better hardware support (way more powerful host computers, MLDL2000, Clonix and NEWT) and better tools. We can even communicate over the globe in no time, think about how it was in the eighties. It has never been easier to enter and do MCODE programming than it is today.

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