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HP 50g & SD Cards: Performance, Format, Notes
09-01-2016, 12:36 AM
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RE: HP 50g & SD Cards: Performance, Format, Notes
(09-01-2016 12:04 AM)JDW Wrote:  Once again, the problem is that my 50g thinks the SD card write protect LOCK switch is set to LOCK when in fact it is not. What, other than buying another 50g, is the best solution?

Open your 50g and clean, bend or adjust the feeler/contact back to normal.

Hacking the 50g ROM is something only about 5 people on earth have ever done, after years of learning SysRPL, Assembler, ARM Assembler, etc. Even HP stopped patching the 50g ROM because it is so complex and full that even the tiniest change wreaked havoc and lead to many more problems. It simply isn't something one could explain through a Forum discussion.

Maybe have a friend in the US buy a 50g and mail it to you, it's likely less than $100 total. If the h/w tweak doesn't work, it's really your only option.

--Bob Prosperi
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