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HP 50g & SD Cards: Performance, Format, Notes
08-31-2016, 01:06 PM
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RE: HP 50g & SD Cards: Performance, Format, Notes
(08-31-2016 12:15 AM)JDW Wrote:  Now, what appears to be a NEW PROBLEM...

Previously, I had the 3 main libraries stored in Flash (EQNDATA.LIB, EQNLIB.LIB, and PRTBL.LIB). I then flashed my 50g with newRPL and then today I flashed it back to the stock 2.15 firmware. Now nothing appears when I press the ORG Rt-Arrow button and 2 (to call up Libraries). That was to be expected, but in File Manager, I see Port 2 (the FLASH) to be 510k. That is not right. It should be 766k (from what I have read in HP's "hp50g ROM Upgrade.pdf"). And yet, when I view Port 2 in File Manager, it is blank. When I copy L226, L227 & L229 back to Port 2 (FLASH) using my SD card, the size of Port 2 (FLASH) is 415k. Is this right? If not, how do I fix it?

Not really a problem. The stock ROM you flashed is smaller than the total Flash size, so that it doesn't erase Port2 when you flash an update. In the same package, there's a zip file called 2MB fix or similar. It contains a ROM that will erase the entire ROM, to completely clean and repair Port 2 as well. You need to flash that one when you go back from newRPL, any other updates need to use the normal ROM so you don't lose your installed libraries in Port2.
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