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[WP-34S] Cable and flashing options for Mac users
01-24-2015, 09:35 AM
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RE: [WP-34S] Cable and flashing options for Mac users
(01-24-2015 02:00 AM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  I see no need to reinvent the wheel and build your own USB-Serial adapter when Harald's board, like the one Katie used, works just fine.

I'm really sorry to hijack your nice thread, and for misleading you by not telling you about the existing Harald's solutions.
I just assumed you were into DIY and suggested my own design.

Thanks for your kind remarks and help along the way. You have been very supportive when needed.

I totally agree on supporting the WP-34S community, and it includes Harald's solutions of course. Nothing against it.

However, in my case Harald's offerings do not fit my needs. I needed a flash box integrating:
- Independent power supply;
- Visual monitoring on all operations;
- Press buttons for the flash procedures;
- Maintain the calculator integrity by using a home made POGO connector;
- Low cost solution.

Like many others in this forum, I enjoy DIY and have the required skills, so I decided to create my own design to fulfill my requirements.
Because I like to share knowledge with others, I have shared the results here.
That's all.

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