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02-09-2021, 02:22 PM
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RE: Nokia
Interesting thread!

Regarding NMT & Keyboards, GSM and SMS - there is this from WIKI History of SMS (A.K.A. Texting) - my first cellular was in 1988 (shoebox Size Ericson) and had the letters as did normal Desk-Phones, but not very useful.

About not getting a trend and letting researchers decide for a company, there are a plethora of that sort of stories.

Related to HP Calculators - SRI advised against what would become the HP 35. "The market is simply too small for a US$395 replacement for a USD39 Slide Rule - it won't sell". This has been referenced in a lot of interviews and stories. The deciding factor was that one decisive person going "I want one..." and so it was!

The world only need 5 computers...

512kb has to be enough for everyone's need...

the list goes on. Predictions
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