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02-09-2021, 11:56 AM
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(02-09-2021 09:44 AM)teenix Wrote:  ... one guy pulled out a HP calculator from his top pocket and mentioned these things have text keys on them so mobile phones can too, and maybe the text message was born.

Do you have an idea in which year this interview was taken? Out of curiosity I searched around a little and found that the NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephony) standard was started beginning in 1981 in Scandinavia. It already included the short message service that we still have today. In order to start in 1981 the development work must have taken place several years before that year. So it might just be possible that the HP41 with it's alphanumeric keybord and display could have had in influence on that...

By the way: In these years, Nokia, at least their mobile phone branch, was not even called Nokia yet but "Mobira".

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