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41 Module Library: Last chance for common sense
07-14-2016, 05:40 PM (This post was last modified: 07-14-2016 05:46 PM by Accutron.)
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RE: 41 Module Library: Last chance for common sense
(07-14-2016 03:44 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  I've never seen anyone assert any copyright claim for the HP docs, have you? The price one pays is clearly not for any kind of copyright/royalty payment, nor is it described as such.

I've never seen a complaint when someone publishes a link to doc which is included on the DVD. Also, I've never heard anyone complain about someone sharing a file from the DVD, rather I believe folks encourage newcomers to get it in order to benefit from having all the other content.

Places like MoHPC, Artek etc., all claim a copyright on the 'scan', i.e. the work required to convert the document to a digital format, which is the justification for charging money. MoHPC charges a rather modest sum and turns the profits inward to maintaining a non-commercial website, which is definitely the more noble approach (albeit not as noble as simply hosting them for free or uploading them to Artek is far worse, demanding vast profit for individual documents and basing their entire business model around it.

From the last page of every document on the MoHPC DVD:

"Scan Copyright ©
The Museum of HP Calculators
Original content used with permission.
Thank you for supporting the Museum of HP
Calculators by purchasing this Scan!
Please to not make copies of this scan or
make it available on file sharing services."

The copyright claim itself and the request to not freely redistribute the files are assertions of presumed rights.
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