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41 Module Library: Last chance for common sense
06-19-2014, 04:03 PM (This post was last modified: 06-19-2014 04:04 PM by Jeff_Kearns.)
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RE: 41 Module Library: Last chance for common sense
(06-15-2014 03:11 PM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  And here's the list of those modules still missing - do you have some/many of them??
If so, let the sharing begin!


#    Module / EPROM    Type    XROM #    Distributor / Author    Case Name    Case Label    CAT2 Output    KB

21    Forecaster 1    ROM    10    William Finnegan Ass.    FORECAST 1    HP 82500A-A16    *FORECASTER    4k
22    Forecaster 2    ROM    10    William Finnegan Ass.    FORECASTER2    HP 82500A-A27    FORECASTER 2    4k
23    Forecaster 3    ROM    10    William Finnegan Ass.    FORECASTER3    HP 82508A-S06    FORECASTER3    4k


I have the FORECASTER 1 Module (but no documentation for it... which both I and Geir Isene have tried to obtain without success. Without the documentation, it is not very useful to me). I would however be happy to contribute its ROM image to the project. A couple of comments:

> I am not fully conversant with the CL storage capacity. I assume it has sufficient memory to store all of these ROM images?
> I do not know how to extract a ROM image (from either the 41 or any other calculator). I will have to research how to do so, unless you wish to send me simple instructions - but I assume some accessories not in my possession are required in order to do this.
> I have a donor HP-41CV (and maybe also a HP-41C) that would made a decent candidate for a 41-CL upgrade, but have not invested in the CL circuit card yet. Time to get busy with that mini-project I have been intending to undertake for two years now!

Jeff Kearns
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