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(SR-52) Binary-to-Decimal conversion
06-17-2022, 06:48 AM
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RE: (SR-52) Binary-to-Decimal conversion
(06-17-2022 12:47 AM)pauln Wrote:  It took me a while to understand where the 8 was coming from (hint: 10 - 2 = 8) and more generally why this method works at all.

I've explained it here in case of the decimal-to-binary conversion.
But it works similarly if 2 and 10 are swapped.

Here are some programs for the general case n-to-10 or 10-to-n:

(06-17-2022 12:47 AM)pauln Wrote:  Nit: in the TI-57 program, "0 x:t" can be replaced with "C.t" to save one step.

Good catch. Thank you for the notification.
I have adjusted the listing accordingly.

The TI-57 was the first calculator I wrote programs for.
A colleague at school kindly loaned it to me for a while.
But in the end I got an HP-41CV and I have no regrets.
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