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stopwatch features on calculators
01-12-2019, 04:38 AM
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RE: stopwatch features on calculators
(01-12-2019 04:10 AM)dbbotkin Wrote:  Ah, data entry . . . The DM42 uses a FAT file and a USB connection. A setting makes the FAT accessible like a thumb drive. Several folders appear including 'PROGRAMS' for .raw files. Byron Foster's iPhone app works through WiFi and gets an IP address with DHCP. Then your path is to access the IP in your browser to upload or download .raw files, nothing else is shown.

Oh, I see: Free42 has a double-tap for features . . .. Got to try that out now

Single-tap, actually, in the top part of the screen, below the status bar. But yes, that is what I meant. The Copy and Paste items in the main menu will work with matrices, which you can copy and paste from, say, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. I like using Google Sheets because it makes it really easy to transfer data between the phone and a computer, but you can achieve the same thing with iCloud or OneDrive. Copying and pasting spreadsheet cells in emails does not work so well because some (many? most?) email clients have the annoying habit of turning tabs into spaces, and that messes up tab-delimited data.

N.B. You can also use Copy and Paste on programs, which I find more convenient than using the HTTP server. Transferring programs, in text format, via email, works great, tab expansion does not cause problems there.
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