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IR print on a computer
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RE: IR print on a computer
I built one, but rather than opening up and hacking the C4103A IR transceiver unit, I used an external box containing a cheap Arduino Nano clone.

[Image: 27327694827_7e64f8f3ae_c.jpg]
HP C4103A IR transceiver unit plus homemade Red Eye protocol decoder unit based around an Arduino Nano clone (running Martin Hepperle's decoder software).

The inline 8-way Mini DIN socket came from an Apple Mac Mini serial extension cable, easy to find on eBay. Just make sure one of the ends is female and cut it off.

[Image: 40392215500_e3f8f44449_c.jpg]
Close-up of 8-way Mini DIN socket on my Arduino based Red Eye protocol decoder. The socket and it's flying lead came from an RS232 extension cable for an Apple Mac Mini.

I soldered the required signal wires, ground and 5V wires directly to the Nano. Note that the 5V rail was a few hundred millivolts below 5V due to the presence of a Schottky diode between the USB 5V rail and the Nano 5V rail on the back of the Nano. I shorted this diode out (not shown in the photo below) to get the full 5 volts going to the C4103A transceiver. I used hot melt glue and cable ties to secure the cable and hot melt glue to stick the Nano to the inside of the lid of the ABS project box. Then I cut slots in the main part of the project box for the cable exit and the Mini USB connection.

[Image: 28326191118_27b724fc93_c.jpg]
Arduino nano clone acting as a USB serial interface to a HP C4103A IR transceiver unit, running Martin Hepperle's Red Eye protocol decoder software for HP 82240A/B IR printer emulation.

The ABS project box was an MDRX2KL06 from Internal dimensions 54mm x 24mm x 14mm (external 58x28x18mm).
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