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Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
05-09-2017, 05:05 AM (This post was last modified: 05-09-2017 05:44 AM by Ángel Martin.)
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RE: Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
As much as I also think it's conceptually a good idea I'm not so sure that at this point in time it'll be worthwhile for a couple of reasons:

1. MCODE is elusive and requires rolling up your sleeves to get into it. Not the basics of course, but when you get into the OS routines and other tricky areas (did I mention the LCD yet? don't get me going...) the explanations required to make it transparent aren't trivial (to me at least). Ken Emery's "MCODE for Beginners" will get you going quite nicely to this point if you're willing to spend hours looking into minutia details that can break your code any time.

2. The "advanced" areas I may have modestly started are probably not interesting to others. You see MCODE is rather a personal approach, where each programmer does things in different ways. So the sub-functions, LASTFunction, Auxiliary FAT, auto-complete, shadow stack buffer for UNDO, etc. are fine if you like the ideas, but most people won't even get into them anway.

3. Most of the world has moved on to greener pastures, so it sounds like a large effort for very small returns - if any at all. Those folks inclined to delve into it already have, using the blueprints and the source code "sheets" - which again won't work for everybody since they aren't the best development environment to say the least.

4. Lastly, there are other folks with a much more solid grasp on 41 MCODE out there who remain still active that can do a better job. To name a few: Mark Power, Håkan Thörngren, Greg McClure - programmers by trade as opposed to aficionados like me.

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