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Geometric Volumes needs GROB
06-26-2014, 10:27 PM
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Geometric Volumes needs GROB
In my work I often have to get a quick volume of a pile of material. So I have a collection of routines to calculate volumes of piles of material based on the shape. I will often in fact have to measure hundreds of piles and record the volume and type of material such as 27cy of spent fuel rods, and 93.25cy of hazardous waste. Such as the following "cap" volume program:

%%HP: T(3)A(D)F(.);
\<< "HEIGHT" "" INPUT OBJ\-> "BASE DIA" "" INPUT OBJ\-> 2 / \-> H A
  \<< \pi 6 / H * A SQ 3 * H SQ + *
here is a program where I can measure the height and base radius of a cap. A cap is like a part of a sphere. or the portion of a sphere situated above a plane.

I wanted to make some grob images to work as sort of help for what needs to be measured but I cant figure out what software I could use to convert to a GROB. everything I see in is outdated and wont run on my pc, or I can't figure them out. got any pointers?

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PS: Please post more 50G stuff :)
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