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New HP16C simulator: Test Drive
05-10-2021, 05:47 PM
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RE: New HP16C simulator: Test Drive
(05-06-2021 05:46 PM)Andres Wrote:  It looks very nice and interesting. I will try to do some testing, but my schedules are terrible...

I saw Flutter is available for iOS, would you plan to offer iPhone and Android versions of this app?

Thank you in advance

Hi Andres,

Android, definitely -- and I'll be publishing this week.

For iOS, it works great on the simulator. I'm actually using a new Mac Mini as my primary computer these days. However, distribution through the app store is another matter.

If I can find someone with an Apple Developer account, I'd be delighted to give them a credit, and tell them the steps to grab the code from github and compile with the Flutter environment. For someone familiar with XCode, the whole process should be under an hour, plus whatever bureaucratic hurdles Apple has for their app store.

I'm not quite willing to pay Apple $100/year for the privilege of giving away software :-) Also, I don't have a physical iPhone, and the way Apple has their dev environment locked down, I'd have to borrow someone's phone to even create a signing profile and do a (debug) build.

So... Know anyone with a paid Apple Developer account? It really is just a matter of downloading the Flutter environment, typing `flutter build ios --release`, following the instructions to set up the signing profile in XCode, then typing `flutter build ios --release` again and uploading.
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