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02-11-2021, 09:07 PM
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RE: Nokia
(02-09-2021 11:11 AM)Chr Yoko Wrote:  ... how they (Nokia) completely missed the turn to keyboardless phones (...) As for my domain, Automotive industry i saw the very same behavior from major OEMs in front of the BEV emergence. Now they seems to all wake-up same time like Lemmings... this decade will be very interresting !

The problem is the "ordinary people behaviour": If something is new, colourful and dumbed-down they want it. That is why the Palm, Symbian, PSION, Ericsson, Nokia is left the market. In the 2000's I had one Nokia 3650, later a 7710 and latest one N770. I really liked them, mainly my 3650. It was only one problem with it: these are introduced too early and people do not know how to use them, it was too clever for an ordinary people. So, other cheap but less sophisticated manufacturers are outrun Nokia.


Before Android era I used my PSION Revo with my Ericsson K800i (as an IrDA modem) (just few years before), it was perfect for ICQ, email, SMS, spreadsheet, text editing and writing short programs. Later, of course I changed to Android. It was a big drawback...

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