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[VA] SRC#001 - Spiky Integral
07-15-2018, 09:03 PM
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RE: [VA] SRC#001 - Spiky Integral
Hi, Gerson:

Gerson W. Barbosa Wrote:I haven't trodden any of the hard (and beautiful) paths you all have done. Instead, I took an unallowed (according to Valentin's rules) and dull shortcut.

I never said any of that, Gerson, and I didn't stablish any rules whatsoever so you hardly could've taken "an unallowed { VA: by whom ? not me ... } and dull shortcut."

The only thing I said was this:
  • "Your results are correct, congratulations, but without explaining why would you compute the numerators and denominators that way it all seems a "magic trick" unrelated to the problem at hand as the relation to the integral seems shrouded in mystery"
because until you posted your very detailed (thank you !) rationale for your direct computation that was exactly the case and none was the wiser.

Thanks again for your long and very interesting recent post detailing the process you followed to get your results, that's exactly the spirit and the way for interested people to learn interesting things but in the future please do not credit me with statements, whether direct or implied, which I didn't actually make.


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