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Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
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RE: Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
(04-10-2014 02:39 PM)Jonathan Cameron Wrote:  You guys are giving my nostalgia!
Ahh the good old days. Back in my college days 72-75 I was the first kid on campus to own an HP-35. My teachers wouldn't let me use it on tests, because they thought it gave me an unfair ADVANTAGE over the other students. I still have that original HP-35 and it still works! On tests they made me use my old Picket Slide Rule (which I also still have). I did some favors for one of my teachers, so he gave me unlimited access the the mainframe UNIVAC 1100 computer, which gave me all the programming power I could dream of in college. I stayed up till midnight most nights programing the UNIVAC. I wrote games, Lunar Landers, probability games. I learned Assembly Language, and even fixed a bug in the Fortran Compiler for Univac.
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