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Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
04-02-2014, 06:49 PM (This post was last modified: 04-02-2014 06:50 PM by Sikuq.)
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Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
I just flashed a couple of new WP34S (20 & 30) and now doing labels. I lost my beloved Black-Scholes formula in that process naturally - so is there any way one can get that back into a WP34S? Or onto the Prime ... hint ---> TimW.

On Eric's newest ("hair") video of overlays it seems to display his version (x-tal, IR) of 3.2 3530.

I'm flashing the basic full.bin (no x-tal, no IR) but the highest I get is edit *3472.

So where is the edit *3530 located on sourceforge and I was looking for a text file listing the latest edit time line/version history?

By the way - for other newbies: even without crystals I had no problem flashing the two units (with Walter's manual at hand) and the time was 16 secs. for the full for each. It was also easier than I had anticipated doing labels thanks to Eric's video. And using permanent marker coloring really helps including the old blue function key. My biggest problem was the sticky backsides of the labels did not easily release from my tweeters which did not have the 90-degree tip like Eric's either. Eric was ten times faster than I though (assuming he didn't fiddle with the frame rates).

- Sikuq
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