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This forum is for the buying and selling of older (out-of-production) HP calculators, computers and parts and supplies as well as mechanical calculators and slide rules. Please do not publish ads for the same items or services more frequently than once per week. Inappropriate or frequently reposted ads may be deleted at any time with or without notification. Please review the Terms of Use for more complete information.

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HP 18C / HP 28C / HP 28S / HP 32S II (AUCTION)
The next calculators of my collection are for sale | HP 18C | | HP 28C | | HP 28S | | HP 32S II |
[Contact Daniel A. | View complete ad] Posted 14 Dec 2013

HP 9820A (FSBO)
I've for sale a HP 9820A with working printer and card reader. | Calculator is in nice condition fully working with 2 rom cardridges. | Item is located in the Netherlands, will be shipped worldwide. | I'm open for offers..
[Contact Rik Bos | View complete ad] Posted 10 Dec 2013

HP 16C for sale (AUCTION)
Selling my HP16C on ebay, item 231111969624 | Auction and buy it now.
[Contact Morten Nygaard Åsnes | View complete ad] Posted 9 Dec 2013

48sx Overlays (P/N 82220a and 82210a) (WTB)
Looking for the generic 82220a overlay kit for the 48sx and the 41CV Emulator Card Overlay (82210a). Thanks!
[Contact svisvanatha | View complete ad] Posted 8 Dec 2013

HP 85B wiht QIC40 modified tape drive (AUCTION)
I've placed a HP 85B (32kB + Mass storage rom inside) on ebay. | Item 370957485834. | Also on ebay a lot of other HP calculator computer related stuff.
[Contact Rik Bos | View complete ad] Posted 4 Dec 2013

HP20b/HP30b Programming Cable (WTB)
I'm looking for an HP20b/HP30b programming cable. I'm hoping that someone has one they don't need anymore. Thanks.
[Contact Stephen Rose | View complete ad] Posted 3 Dec 2013

Rare HP Xpander Prototype (AUCTION)
Selling one of my Xpanders from my collection. See ebay item: 231108514788
[Contact Keith Midson | View complete ad] Posted 3 Dec 2013

Selling my boxed HP 11C on ebay - in excellent condition. See ebay item 331079302382
[Contact Keith Midson | View complete ad] Posted 3 Dec 2013

HP95LX F1001A Connectivity Pack (AUCTION)
Selling my HP F1001A connectivity pack for HP95LX pocket computer (HP95LX not included). Fully complete with cable, floppy discs, user manual, etc. Ebay item 331076200410
[Contact Keith Midson | View complete ad] Posted 28 Nov 2013

HP41CX Opt001 Blanknut (AUCTION)
Selling my rare Blanknut HP-41CX calculator on ebay. In perfect condition, fully functional with overlay. Item number: 231105410392
[Contact Keith Midson | View complete ad] Posted 28 Nov 2013

HP Portable Plus accessories (WTB)
Recently I required an almost "naked" Portable Plus, and now I am looking for printed (original) documentation and software rom modules, particularly programming languages, or other accessories. | Also if you want to sell a complete Portable Plus system, please make an offer.
[Contact Michael Fehlhammer | View complete ad] Posted 27 Nov 2013

2014 pocket computer calendar (FS)
Following the success of my 2014 HP calendar, I have also made a 2014 pocket computer calendar. It showcases HP along with other brands such as Sharp, Casio, Elektronika, Panasonic, etc. You can view and/or purchase here:
[Contact Keith Midson | View complete ad] Posted 26 Nov 2013

Sparcom Modules & Other HP Books hard to find (AUCTION)
Just listed on ebay 48GX/SX Sparcom modules for Mathematics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Physics along with a bunch of HP Application books and manuals. I will be adding numerous items next week, including HP Calculators, Manuals and Accessories. These auctions close Nov 30 and Dec 1. | Some items added this week include mint versions of HP21S, HP48GX and manuals, HP 71B, HP10B sealed, New in box HP 20S, HP 15C LE Sealed, HP19BII with burgundy leather case & manual, 8 book calculator collector set, misc. HP items. | Opening bids are set reasonable for . . .
[Contact Frank Knight | View complete ad] Posted 23 Nov 2013

HP Streamsmart 400 with two probes (AUCTION)
Ends Saturday November 30. | Ebay item: 301025115344
[Contact gene wright | View complete ad] Posted 23 Nov 2013

Bringslid BAS Calculus Mathematics 1 Expansion Card for HP48 (FSBO)
Expansion card for HP48 series with manual. | BAS Calculus New Mathematics 1 VER 3.0 | Produced by Odd Bringslid ISV Spenningsgate 11 3601 Kongsberg Norway | From the table of contents: | Integration | Algebra | Functions | Liner Equations | 2D Curves | Series | Complex Numbers | Functions of Several Variables | Diffequations | Numerical Methods | Solved Problems | 172 pages spiral bound manual and expansion card.
[Contact Chris Pem10 | View complete ad] Posted 20 Nov 2013

Xpander Prototype (FS)
I am selling one of my HP Xpander prototypes. It is in mint condition and Comes with power cord, stylus, hard cover, CD manual (copy, not original), and computer connection cord. It does not come with the original box or user manual sorry. I can send you photos if you like - I have some on my Flickr collection site | If it doesn't sell here within a week or so then I will list on ebay. Asking US$350 which includes postage to anywhere in the world (i'm located in Australia). Payment by PayPal or wire transfer. | T. . .
[Contact Keith Midson | View complete ad] Posted 17 Nov 2013

Sparcom Spice48 expansion card for HP 48 (FSOT)
Hello, | I have a Sparcom/DaVinci Spice48 card that is looking for a new home (alas, without manual). Ideally I would do a trade, as I'm looking for either a Sparcom General Chemistry Reference Pac (with manual), or the original Educalc "leather desk" case for the HP 48-series calculators, or perhaps a Math Pro Pac. That said, if I can't find an appropriate trade, I'll be happy to sell it. | Please message me if you're interested.
[Contact megarat | View complete ad] Posted 13 Nov 2013

2014 HP calendar (FS)
Hi all, i've made a 2014 calendar from various photos from my collection. | It can be viewed and purchased from Redbubble - | Hope you enjoy - it was hard to decide what photos were 'in' and 'out' with only 12 months. I may do another that includes vintage pocket computers. Let me know if there are any that you would like to see included. Cheers, Keith
[Contact Keith Midson | View complete ad] Posted 13 Nov 2013

HP-41 Flex-PCB replacement (FS)
Hi all, | A new batch of Flex-PCB replacements is available at 22Euro/unit. | This time I've placed a 'Buy It Now' ad at eBay; item# 111210794951. | Cheers from Caribbean. | Diego Diaz. | (
[Contact Diego Diaz | View complete ad] Posted 8 Nov 2013

HP 10C + explanatory booklet for HP 10 series (AUCTION)
Selling my HP 10C with some signs of usage and scratches on the backside. | | And I´m also selling an explanatory booklet for HP 10 series calculators in German. | | More detailed information inside the auctions.
[Contact Daniel A. | View complete ad] Posted 5 Nov 2013

Sharp PC-1280 (WTB)
Mint or new preferred. Please make an offer with pictures and full description.
[Contact From Hong Kong | View complete ad] Posted 1 Nov 2013

Selling several calculator from HP 48/49 series (AUCTION)
I want to sell my whole collection of HP calculators and started with some HP 48 and HP 49. Maybe there´s something interesting for you in it. All of them are in good condition but see the auction details for more information. | HP 33 S | | HP 48 gII | . .
[Contact Daniel A. | View complete ad] Posted 28 Oct 2013

HP50g mint condition UK (FS)
HP50G for sale due to recent underuse. | Comes with USB cable, 1Gb SD card, fresh batteries and soft case. Perfect condition. Current OS release. | Will accept £45 for collection from London (TW7 postcode) or £50 for delivery anywhere in the UK. | Available with two full sets of awesome Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable low self-discharge AAA batteries and a slow charger for an additional £15.
[Contact Chris Smith | View complete ad] Posted 25 Oct 2013

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