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A simple truth for his Ignorant little sister:

Posted by Ron Ross on 17 Dec 2003, 3:46 p.m.

My brother-in-law was an EE for Pioneer. When my wife and I both returned to school (1983), she asked her brother which calculator he thought was best and what she should buy?

He simply stated, “The best calculators are American made (and he didn't mean Ti!), and she shouldn’t bother to buy anything else.” Can’t get a better recommendation: directly from a Japanese Electronics Engineer, in my book. While she didn’t listen, I did (she bought a Casio FX4000). I bought my first Hp, a 15c. Ironically, my wife would later work for Hp and shortly afterwards, retire that Casio (so as to not risk losing such a fine instrument at work). Hp’s were known worldwide for their sophistication and quality of calculators.

Today, if my daughter takes her Hp to school, she gets oh’s and ah’s, but mostly, “I didn’t know Hp made calculators”. Different world, isn’t it?

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