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The HPs I had...

Posted by Jim Brown on 27 Jan 2004, 2:43 a.m.

I remember my first encounter with an HP RPN calculator. I was in my last year at high school and had a holiday job where the HP rep came round showing the financial models.

When I started University in 1974 I had a slide-rule for a while, but managed to save up for an HP-35. There was a huge backlog of orders. The HP office in Johannesburg was about 4 blocks from the campus and when news of a shipment hit us, we all ran over to get into the first-come first-served queue!

The next year I sold it and got a HP-45.

A couple of years after Uni I started work for HP in Johannesburg- guess who my first boss was: the sales rep from the first paragraph.

At that time HP had the 41C on the market and I had a machine of my own to demo. Then we launched the 11 & 12C and so I had one of each of those too! Also had an 85 computer.

Then soon we launched the HP-125 CP/M computer, and about that time I left to join another manufacturer of CP/M machines. Of course, CP/M soon fell by the wayside to PC-DOS and MS-DOS.


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