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pyILPER version 1.3.2 released
02-15-2016, 07:30 AM
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pyILPER version 1.3.2 released
Release 1.3.2 of pyILPER, a Python implementation of the HP-IL peripheral emulator is available now. This release includes the following user visible changes:
  • Added LIF image file management functions (export, import, rename, purge, pack, view, label) to the drive tab.
  • Added utility functions to initialize LIF image files and to fix invalid header information.
  • Added navigation controls to the help window. Make the help window resizeable.
  • Renamed and added file types for the drive tab directory. All file types of the Online LIF disk project should be considered now.
  • HDRIVE1 drive type now accepts arbitrary medium layouts.
  • pyILPER reinstates the previous display position at launch.
  • The PILTERM basic program requires Rev C of the KEYBOARD lex file from now on.

Note: you have to install an up to date version of the LIFUTILS in order to use the file management functions.

Unfortunately there are still issues with the terminal emulator. The keyboard may hang from time to time. Although considerable efforts were put into solving that problem tracking down this bug remains tough.

pyILPER 1.3.2 is available for download on GitHub now.

If you installed pyILPER with the recommended Anaconda Python distribution you will get the updated version with a:
conda update --all

See the Installation Instructions for details.
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02-15-2016, 06:55 PM
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RE: pyILPER version 1.3.2 released
I've been using Joachim's latest pyILPER and LIFutils, and I have to say they are really fantastic. They make uploading and downloading ROMs and working with FOCAL programs really easy. I've only used them with 41Cs so far, but I'm sure the experience is awesome for 71b users as well.

David Brunell
Houston, Texas
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