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Proposed "Prime Articles" Forum
02-20-2015, 01:43 PM
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Proposed "Prime Articles" Forum
As noted in this thread, I am suggesting the addition of a new "Prime Articles" forum. The Prime is so vast and new, and complex to learn, that a dedicated place for articles such as this would be tremendously helpful to folks new to the Prime and/or the forum, where they can pick from a small, focused set of instructional articles. While there is a wealth of info stuffed into the current Prime forum now, a reader must wade through nearly a thousand threads with many thousands of messages to find the dozen or so seminal articles that explain and illustrate with examples many of the most confusing and/or complex issues learning Prime.

Joe, Han and and a couple other key contributors (with input from HP) could best suggest which existing threads in the Prime forum could me moved (or copied?) to the new forum to start with some immediately useful content.

Off the top of my head, some suggestions are the early Prime programming artcles by Joe & Han (currently in the little-used general Artcles forum), an excellent "How to use the ConnKit" article (author ?) and a recent thread where Han provided an insightful discussion and explanation of differences in how Prime handles functions vs. expressions.

Just and idea to help focus new Prime users on the most helpful info and make this important info easy to find.

--Bob Prosperi
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