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HP-41 DoubleDown Module Released
04-22-2022, 07:44 AM (This post was last modified: 04-30-2022 05:55 PM by Ángel Martin.)
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HP-41 DoubleDown Module Released
Announcing the release of the DoubleDown HP-41 Module.

Just when you thought nothing new could possibly come to the venerable 41-platform, here's a new entry that might surprise many of you - or maybe not.

The DoubleDown Module has two distinct (but somewhat related) subjects:

1. A double-length (8-Level) Stack, fully automated and seamlessly supporting all the RPN stack rules by virtue of the I/O_SVC interrupt polling point.

2. Dual Number Analysis, whereby you can master the intricacies of Dual Numbers from your comfortable HP41 coach. These "strange cousins of complex numbers" have intriguing properties that translate in useful features, beyond the intrinsic interest they may also have.

This is an 8k-Module that has the main engine in the lower page and an Applications Pack in the upper page. It requires Library#4 and expects 41CX O/S.

Warning: a new version of the Library#4 is required to support changes made to the buffer #7. Revision R59b is included in the attached zip container.

Note that other modules also using the same buffer#7 have also been updated to match Revision 59b of the library. This includes the WARP_Core, Formula_Evaluation and Equation Solver modules).



PS/ The manual is now posted here..

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