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(SR-56) Problem Solving with … (1/3) 9 simple programs
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(SR-56) Problem Solving with … (1/3) 9 simple programs
An excerpt from Problem Solving with the Pocket Programmable Calculator, George W. Ing, Broadcast Management Engineering, July 1977 {pgs. 56-59}

"THIS IS THE FIRST IN A SERIES of three articles which will delve into some typical applications of the popular pocket-size programmable calculator. The recent reduction in the cost of such units as the Texas Instruments SR -56 and the Hewlett-Packard HP-25, have made them more available to the average broadcast engineer. Many engineers now own one or are contemplating the purchase. The purpose of these articles is to show how to save time and effort when making calculations of the repetitious type.
  The first article will deal with some simple programs involving decibels, resistors in parallel, finding inductance or capacitance if reactance and frequency are given, polar to rectangular conversion, and rectangular to polar conversion …"

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