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(HP-67/97) SIMPLEX 'A' simplified atmospheric dispersion
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(HP-67/97) SIMPLEX 'A' simplified atmospheric dispersion
An extract from SIMPLEX 'A' Atmospheric Dispersion Model for Airport Use (Users Guide), U.S.DoT (FAA), Office of Environment and Energy (AQD), Report No. FAA-EE-81-8, JUL 1981

The method, limitations and uses of the SIMPLEX "A" atmospheric dispersion model are described. The model determines pollutant concentrations from taking-off aircraft and has the flexibility to easily accept parameter changes. It can treat either single or multiple aircraft departures and permits air quality calculations to be made by persons without an extensive computer background. The program is listed and the results of two sample problems are given to illustrate the use of the model.

Atmospheric dispersion models are mathematical expressions that combine source emissions with meteorological parameters to produce air quality estimates at specified receptor locations. At airports where many sources and receptors are involved, refined models such as the Airport Vicinity Air Pollution model (AVAP)(1) are used to determine air quality. However, where few sources and receptors are involved, screening models are very attractive for identiving the need for further analysis with the more refined models. This report describes one of these screening
models, SIMPLEX "A".
This report describes the mathematical basis for the model, lists the program, and explains the steps taken to compute pollution dosage. Special program features are described and two sample problems are solved.

SIMPLEX "A", which has been programmed for the Hewlett Packard 67 and 97 desk calculators, addresses emissions during takeoff. Additional SIMPLEX models are being developed to determine the air quality impact from taxiing and queueing aircraft as well as from ground vehicles at the airport. The model is particularly useful at small airports and at those airports having only a few dominant sources."

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