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Assistance required with R/332
04-30-2019, 08:23 PM
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Assistance required with R/332
Good Evening

I wonder if you good folks would be able to assist me

I have years ago obtained an R/332, which worked fine with the internal hdd and an external 9133 drive. (the internal drive, did not read disks correctly)

In the past 10 years I have moved house, and now have come to use the machine and found the internal hdd has died as well as the external fdd

I have read many options, may I ask the following questions: -

1) Does anyone have a fdd for the R/332 for sale or external hpib version at a sensible price.?
2) can anyone recommend a kit list to emulate the fdd with the hxc unit?
3) has anyone experience with the HP disk (PC image of disk) HPIB\GPIB system?

4) what commands are there which I can use when the system has just powered on

at the moment, I can use the 9133 as 706 but get a read error message, then the system seems to hang.

I should say I have never used this system properly so am a total newbie on this system.

Please may I ask if anyone could assist with my knowledge

many thanks

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