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HP 49G Advantages over 49g+ & 50g
01-24-2018, 11:37 AM (This post was last modified: 01-24-2018 02:31 PM by jebem.)
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RE: HP 49G Advantages over 49g+ & 50g
(01-23-2018 10:06 PM)Gerald H Wrote:  Yes, I've seen those photos of flaking keys before but haven't experienced it myself, now using 49G for c 17 years.

The polarizing screen cover was corrected when China took over production. The polarization was something of a plus occasionally in physics classes.

Yes, depending on the light on the display lens, the nice rainbow will show up.
Because most people have replaced those early models, I guess there will be few of these specimens remaining, and that is why I will never get apart with my 49G, s/n: ID93406767 (Indonesia, 1999, week 34).

[Image: SAM_4152.JPG]

And since this thread is about PLUS points, another nice touch would the blue colored annunciators:

[Image: SAM_4188.JPG]

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