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Scientific calculators that have formula/equation memory
12-06-2017, 09:44 PM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2017 10:36 PM by pier4r.)
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RE: Scientific calculators that have formula/equation memory
(12-06-2017 04:19 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  Was just going to mention the 36X Pro. It doesn't allow you to store a whole library of equations, but you can enter one to solve, evaluate, or generate a table of values.

Yes I checked the manual, and the 36X is rather limited in terms of memory. It has even less than the 506w from 2002 (on the 506w I can manage to save 4 formulas, if those together need less than 256 chars). So while it is an input, it does not quite fit. Now I check the others.

The casio fx-991EX has quite some amount of functions, but in terms of memory is again not better than the 506w. Some variables/registers and no formulas to save. Impressive how the 506w is still "up to date", really the common needs for a calculator are quite mature.

The 506w has A,B,C,D,E,F,X,Y,M as variables/registers and F1,F2,F3,F4 as formulas (that in total can use 256 chars).

The casio fx-5800P hits home! The size is quite close to the 35S and it has enough variables and space for formulas (aside from programs). So we have a real competitor (plus the dm 42S that requires a bit more work)

from sharp, unless one goes for the graphing calculator (that is too big), the calculators there don't have really much memory than the 506w that I have. 4 formulas and 9 variables/registers.

TI scientific calculators are more or less like the sharp ones, I think the sharp are better.

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