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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
11-12-2017, 11:37 PM
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RE: Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
(11-11-2017 11:19 AM)webmasterpdx Wrote:  The menu key only shows me zoom options....nothing related to shading.
I didn't see anything related to surface shading in the settings. There is the drawing method (checkerboard, etc..).. but I wanted to keep the drawing method and change the extent of shading, as certain surfaces like a wide conic (where the curve is very gradual) is often difficult to see (looks like a triangle instead of a cone, as there isn't enough contrast between darkest and lightest spot).

I see what you are saying. The appropriate way to deal with this is to change you Z min/max I think. That will change your shading.


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