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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
11-08-2017, 10:37 PM
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RE: Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
(11-08-2017 06:23 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  This seems strange. FREEZE not behaving nicely at the moment is a known issue, but I would not have expected a crash there. It feels like the compiled program from before might be bad in some way which I would not expect at all.

I also had issues with FREEZE on my Prime (HW C). For me, the problem occurred in a little program found here the forums called 'Entry Mode Switcher' which is used to hop between entry modes (RPN / Textbook / Algebraic). It uses the FREEZE command near the end to keep the currently selected mode on the screen until a key is pressed. With the Beta FW, I encountered spontaneous reboots a few times trying to execute this program. The code is very simple and copied below in case it helps in nailing down the FREEZE bug:

KEY K_On()
Entry:=(Entry+1) MOD 3;
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