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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
11-08-2017, 08:31 PM
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RE: Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
(11-08-2017 11:32 AM)Voldemar Wrote:  
(11-07-2017 04:33 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  Enjoy!
Just ordered HP Prime. :) It will come next week.
... I was just about to press the BUY! button too, but I refrained myself when I started to think about a could-be revamped body for this almost-new soul.
I am not in a hurry, but one of Han's master opera, SolveSys, is so so tempting; for being a daily user of non-linear systems, it is the ultimate tool for me. Besides, I would like to start working with its very polished CAS.
For how long will I be able to keep on refraining my finger to click on the buy button? >D

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